Gail Banner Executive Assistant to the Director

As Executive Assistant to the Director, Gail Banner provides the day-to-day logistical support that makes the work in the department possible. She serves as Assistant to Dr. Ganoune Diop, Director, Public Affairs and Religious Liberty department and Secretary General of the International Religious Liberty Association; Attorney Dwayne O. Leslie, Director of Legislative Affairs and Deputy Secretary General of the International Religious Liberty Association; and, Dr. Nelu Burcea, Director, United Nations Relations, Interfaith Relations Advisor and Associate Director of Public Affairs and Religious Liberty.

Before joining the PARL team in 2010, Gail was Office Manager and Executive Assistant to the President of Saturn Corporation, a database management company. She also served almost a decade as Office Manager for the Government Affairs office of Georgia Pacific Corporation. Before changing her career to office administration, Gail taught Special Education at the Children’s Hospital Hearing and Speech department. She studied Elementary Education at Montgomery College and later received her undergraduate degree in Organizational Management from Columbia Union College, now Washington Adventist University. She has served as an ordained elder and children’s storyteller at Seabrook Seventh-day Adventist Church, and is active in many different ministries. In 2013, she traveled to Chennai, India, as part of her church’s mission team.