What Can I do?

Every member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is called to be an ambassador for Christ and a spokesperson for their church. For this reason, the work of PARL is not something that happens only at the General Conference, Divisions, Unions, and Conferences. It's a mission and ministry for every church member. Each one of us, in many different ways, can participate in PARL's core mandate:

"To position the Seventh-day Adventist Church and its services to a standing of credibility, trust, and relevance in the public realm."

There are two parts to the name Public Affairs and Religious Liberty, and each part represents a specific responsibility.

Public Affairs

Be an Ambassador

"Public Affairs" is primarily about being an "ambassador." As ambassadors for the Adventist Church, we want to make connections within our sphere of influence with thought leaders--whether in the worlds of academia, politics, or media. We can do that through personal contact, by holding events, or special receptions or dinners. Some of the ways we can make connections include: attending public events, becoming involved in local associations, writing letters to the local newspaper, starting a blog or using social media, or partnering with like-minded community organizations to pursue shared goals.

We invite you to download a special manual we have prepared called "Church Ambassador: A Practical Guide For All Who Represent the Church and its Institutions." Although this was written with church employees in mind, it contains a wealth of principles and ideas that can be adapted within the local church context.

Religious Liberty

Be a Voice for Freedom

The second part of PARL's name is "Religious Liberty." The Adventist Church has been a champion of this fundamental principle for more than 150 years and, as an ambassador for the church, you are also called to be a voice for freedom, for all people no matter what their faith tradition.

How can you be a voice for freedom?

  • Stay Informed

Learn about the issues, and about the Adventist Church's unique understanding of religious freedom. Understand your country's constitutional provisions and laws regarding religious freedom or religious discrimination. Explore the resources on this site to find out more about international issues related to religious liberty.

  • Network

Make contact with your local conference, union or division PARL directors and volunteer your support for any activities or events they plan. Get to know other individuals or organizations in your community or country that share the goal of promoting religious freedom. Participate in their events, and invite them to take part in Adventist-sponsored events.

Get to know your local elected officials and where they stand on religious freedom issues. Where appropriate, invite them to take part in church-run religious liberty programs.

  • Communicate

Offer to present about religious liberty issues in your church or at other community venues. Write to the local newspaper, submit articles for publication, start a blog or use social media to spread news and information about religious liberty issues.

When there is a religious liberty issue in your community, alert your conference, union or division PARL leader.

Browse the resources on this site for more ideas on how you can partner with PARL in positioning the Seventh-day Adventist Church and its services to a standing of credibility, trust, and relevance in the public realm.